7th Annual Healing little Hearts Gala & Auction Community Fundraiser

Creator: Kelly Weglowski

Date: March 01, 2014  -  March 01, 2014
Location: New Bedford Whaling Museum
Email: kelly@healinglittlehearts.com

Please sponsor me:

Help me reach my goal of: $100,000
So far I've raised: $133,145

I am fundraising for Boston Children's Hospital!

HEALING little HEARTS was started in June 2007 by Marc and Kelly Weglowski along with their daughter, Jillian, and it immediately grew with nearly 20 volunteers of friends and family. The Weglowski's son, Brady, now 8 years old, was born with a congenital heart defect and has spent many days and nights at Boston Children's Hospital. Among many of the things they have learned during this difficult time, is their desire to give back to Boston Children's Hospital and to help the many children that also depend on Boston Children's.

Healing little Hearts has raised over $600,000 for pediatric cardiac research being done at Children's... specifically research for a tissue-engineered heart valve. Our goal is to reach one million dollars and to help perfect this research that will save the lives of many children born with a CHD. Please help us give hope to little hearts....

Thank you!
Marc & Kelly


My sponsors to date:

Name Amount Message
Roger Breitbart and Linda Hill $250
Healing Little Hearts Gala $86,785
John Wright $200 Donation for Healing Little Hearts Fund
Michael Grabarz $100
Lawrence Palframan $100 To support Brady Weglowski and all of the heart warriors. In memory of Ansley Linn Palframan.
Mercer Group Limited $5,000
David Cross $50 In memory of Janet Hughes Brodie
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $20 Brady's story brought tears to my eyes. I had no idea how many procedures children have to go through to survive with this heart defect,and I fully support the research to lessen these procedures to just one.
Lindsay Tallman $10
Natecia Alfonso $10
James and Kerri Weed $50
Michael Hanlon $200
Dana Hariton $150 so sorry to miss the gala this year. we love you Brady. hugs from Dana, Dan and JAck
Roger Breitbart $500 Kelly and Marc, I regret I have to miss this year's Gala, but send my support and thanks for all your remarkable fundraising work.
Frank and Elaine Koyama $100 In honor of Kallan Donnelly
Debra Ormasen $10 This donation is in honor of a precious sweetheart, Davin Lebeau <3
Sharon Theall $1,000 Strategic Management Advisors is proud to support Healing Little Hearts and wish you a Happy Valentines Day.
Angela Riccardi $25 In Memory of Paul George Casey
Arlene Pombo $50 In support of Kallan Donnelly
Kaseya Management, LLC. $10,000
Partridge Snow & Hahn, LLP $1,000
Hygrade Ocean Products, Inc. $1,000
M.A.T. Pacific $500
Robert and Christine Long $2,500
Daniel and Linda Ferreira $25
Eileen Faxon $50
Richard Crowley $125
Paul and Roberta Hutchinson $100
Brian and Heidi Blais $100
Kevin Foley $100 In Memory of Paul Casey
James Lee $1,000 In memory of Paul Casey
Mark Combs $1,000 From Kaseya with prayers and best wishes.
Yogesh Gupta $6,050 This is part of the Kaseya fund raising drive.
Donald and Gloria Wilson $25
Hilda Arruda $25
Joanne Dzengielewski $50
Daniel Crowley $50
Mary and Robert Anderson $100
Joseph and Laurie Mitchell $50
Becky DeMelo $100
Marilyn Bissonnette $100
Anjo Enterprises $100
Danielle Bobacher $100
Judith Anthony $30
Wayne and Kathy Carrington $125
C. Carmichael-Mathias $10
Marion Pediatrics, PC $100
Daniel and Jean Bogan $250
Daryl Groom $1,000
Upper Cape Anesthesia $1,000
Tec-Mar Industries, Inc. $2,500
John Paul Mitchell Systems $1,000
Susan Chace Anderson Foundation $1,500
Brian Murphy $1,000 Please consider this as part of Kaseya's donation
Monica Hoppe $2,400 Donation from Kaseya Sales Team
Toby vanRoojen $100 Donating as part of the Kaseya group in Honor of Davin LeBeau
Dermot McCann $200 As part of the Kaseya donatation
Loren Jarrett $100 This donation is a part of the Kaseya group
Vikas Aggarwal $1,000 As part of KASEYA fundraiser
Dave Morrow $100 Thanks for doing what you do...
Rebecca Gold $100 In honor of Super Davin!
Jennifer Medeiros $300 In memory of Kailyn Faith Donovan. You will forever be in our hearts. ~Campus Solutions
Douglas Russell $300
P. Latour $25 My thoughts and prayers are with you!!
Carrie Wieland $500 Great cause, thanks for doing it! I remember seeing the flyers in 8East Parents room. I wanted to make the donation to help other kids - in memory of my daughter Valerie Ella - Children's did so much for her! Take care and hope you hit your goal :-)
Karen Sullivan $180 In memory of Kailyn Faith Donovan from SAH Communications and Facilities
Richard and Lynn Reeves $200
Alexandre Raposo $25 In Memory of Kailyn Faith Donovan
Antone and Theresa Cardoza $30
Brian Adams $25
Atlantis Charter School $150
Donald Grant $25

Contact: Community Fundraising Team
Call: 617-355-6890
Email: events@chtrust.org

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