Moyamoya Disease Community Fundraiser

Creator: Lisa Doo

Date: June 15, 2013  -  June 15, 2013
Location: Home

Please sponsor me:

Help me reach my goal of: $15,000
So far I've raised: $21,538

I am fundraising for Boston Children's Hospital!

***We are hosting our 6th annual Moyamoya Disease ("MMD") fundraiser to benefit Boston Children's Hospital - specifically the Boston Pediatric Neurosurgical Foundation ("BPNF") on June 15, 2013. This is the only fundraiser that supports MMD research conducted at Boston Children's Hospital - the  leading hospital in the world for pediatric MMD research! Dr Edward Smith who conducts the research through Boston Children's Hospital is so close to finding out some of the many mysteries regarding MMD, namely how can it be more easily diagnosed.***

I hope you will consider supporting this fundraising effort.  Your donation, no matter the amount, is so very important in helping the 1 in 2 million people this very rare disease affects. 100% of the funds raised by our fundraiser go directly to the BPNF to support MMD Research conducted at Boston Children's Hospital.

Thank you!
The Doo Crew

(Please visit our website for more information.)

My sponsors to date:

Name Amount Message
Joseph McKeon $50
Janine Bent $135
A. Day $20
Thayer Academy $220
Anonymous $100
Nancy Poon $100
Joseph and Joanne Mulligan $50
Lisa and Derek Doo $500
James SooHoo $400
The Virtus Group $150
Dale Olmsted $210
Moya Moya Fundraiser $250
Joanne Mueffelmann $50
Lisa and Derek Doo $1,530
William and Melissa Peishoff $50
Judith and Alfred Doo $50
Thomas Chin $50
Ladonna Pratt $25
Robert and Suzanne Sullivan $100
Linda and Anthony Silva $40
Stephen McCourt $500
William and Elizabeth Weber $300
Joseph and Patricia Antunes $20
David and Laurie Pienton $20
From Fundraiser $2,180
New England Realty Group Inc. $100
Twins Donut Co. $100
Medical Laser Solutions, PC $50
Edna and W. English $35
Moya Moya Fundraiser $700
Edward Paik $100 Sorry we had conflict that prevented us attending the event at your house recently...see you next year!
Roberta Saphire $25 Keep up the good work !!
Maria Stotz $500 With Love from the Stotz Family!
Jane and Brian Bender $100 You go Justin!!
John Martins $50 From the Martins Family
Moya Moya Fundraiser $4,508
Doreen Murray $50 Best of the luck in reaching your goal! Doreen Murray
Janice Garrity $75 Sorry to have missed last Saturday. Good luck in reaching your goal!
Chris Buckley $50 Justin, Great job! The Buckley Boys
Kelly Kee $100 Justin, sorry we could not make it to the event last weekend, we want you to know we still love you and support you. Uncle Kelly & Aunt Linni and your cousins Brandon, Kayla & Connor
Diane Haase $100 The fundraiser was a blast! Thanks, Justin!
Lori Clark $500
Lisa O'Connor $150
Michelle Lynch $25 Sam was sorry to miss the event. I am sure it was a great success!
Tove Smith $100 Thank you for making us aware of this disease.
Courtney McCabe $50
Kathleen Trowbridge $50
Elizabeth Hazel $80 From C.Birch,A&R Fowkes,C Hazel
Amy Colleran $20 From Johnny Colleran
Mimi Woo $25
Jennifer McNamara $75 Sorry to miss the event. Keep up the good work!
Kevin Kee $100 Can't make it to your event. It's my Dads birthday party. Love you guys
Stephen O'Grady $50
Patricia Elmer $100
Steve McMann $50 Best of luck reaching your goal! Camryn, Abby & Connor McMann
Donna Puccio $100 Sorry we can't be there ! Hope it's the best fundraiser ever ! : ) Donna, Jack, Sabrina and Adri
Mary Kuppens $75 Best wishes for a successful event on Saturday! We will be at a basketball tournament on the cape and will miss you.
Diane Parazin $50
Laura Marwill $150 We're thinking of you and wishing you well. We admire how your family has faced this challenge and your efforts to raise awareness and funds to find a cure. Lots of love! The Marwills
Joseph Bafaro $100 Hi Lisa and Derek, I hope the event goes well. Take care.
Mark Cruise $250 Good Luck Cruise Family
Emily Duffy $25
Christy Oles $50 Zach is looking forward to the tournament. Good luck reaching your goal! Christy Oles
Moya Moya Fundraiser $495
Frank Cusick $100
Beth Mazzocca $100
Lori Wilson $20
Maureen Briscoe $25 From Kaelyn and Hailey
Mike and Megan Reilly $25
Nanci Walsh $20 from Matthew McLaughlin
Nanci Walsh $20 from Andrew Walsh
Rebecca Wong $30
Jenn Walsh $60 From Max Jack , Ryan Walsh
Anonymous $50 Have a great Day!
Matt Confer $25
Get Ng $50 Our Best to Justin & family. Love. Uncle John & Ellie
Douglas Lee $50 Best wishes to the Doo family! Good Luck!
Matt Fenton $25
Marina Glekel $25
Theresa Barba $25
Stephen Caridi $100
Lori Ferris $100
Jeff Levin $100
Christine Coomas $50 Good Luck
Anonymous $50
Terrence O'Reilly $25
Mary Smigliani $50
Alex Silva $100 Sorry we will be away during the fundraiser! -Alex and Amanda
Richard and Barbara Laronde $50
Sona Schuermann $500 Max is lucky to count Justin as a good friend. We wish Justin the best always. The Schuermann Family
Thomas and Christine Barnard $150
John Dumouchel $250
Annemarie Lyons $150 Have fun and best of luck!
Suzanne McGilvray $100
Daniel Savary $200
Tina Hayes $25 Best of luck with the fundraiser! All of our love, Tina, Jim and Jonathan
Mary LaRosa $200 Love, The LaRosa Family
Agnes Wong $25
Moyamoya Fundraiser $925
Stephen King $150 BridgeConnex is behind Justin
Mariah Cronin $50 Love, The Cronin Family
Lisa O'Brien $150 Sorry to miss the fundraiser! Sean, Lisa, Annie, Will & Charlie O'Brien
Anonymous $250 Lisa, Derek, and kids, you and your family are an inspiration to all of us.
Erika O'Brien $100 Sorry to miss the fundraiser - we will be out of town but hope you have a very successful and fun day. The O'Brien Family
Andrea Crowe $100 Wish we could be there!
Kelsey Garrity $50 Sorry to miss the fundraiser. Best wishes toward reaching your goal! ~ The Garritys
Mary Kelly $50
Brian Malone $200 Best of Luck!
Michael Boisvert $25
Anonymous $100 Good Luck with the fundraiser
Daniel Tempesta $100

Contact: Community Fundraising Team
Call: 617-355-6890

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